Monday, 7 January 2013

Blow away!

With sorting out all kinds of mundane but alas vitally important stuff today - it's been one of those days when you spend half of it in a phone queue and the other half being told you're in the wrong queue...we all have them, such is life! Anyway, it feels like by being inside, another day of daylight, has passed me by!  And that's not a metaphor for life or excitement or joy; I just mean plain ole natural sunlight!

English winters are SO DARK and the 2012 'Summer' we had was an all out cloud-fest.  I'm now badly craving some natural Vit D and some sunshine!!  As a witch who celebrates nature I wish I was one of these people who could roll easily with the weather but I just can't.  I don't get on well with damp weather or that thick muggy grey cloud that looks like the sky has rolled out a mucky duvet...  it's like the stuffing from within it gets inside my head and makes my brain too thick to function.  I need winter sunlight and those crisp, brittle winds to blow away the cobwebs please!

I pray that Mother Nature is listening and feeling kind!

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