Sunday, 6 January 2013

Time for change

I guess it's only polite if I write a little about myself it's hard to know what to tell but here goes nothing!!

I'm Suzie, 25, live in the UK.  I'm a psychology student and happy eclectic Pagan.  I'm a reader, a writer, a lover not a fighter (lol sorry I just had to - it rhymed!).  I struggle with health issues and in all honesty am a bit on the porky side so in the spirit of the new year and new starts I've decided to do something about what I can do something about and get myself on a diet plan!  I know it sounds cliché but something in my psyche has shifted, like a button has clicked and my mentality has gone from 'I need to lose weight, I should do this that and the other' to 'I'm doing it.  And I'm never looking back!'

For me, that's a huge shift and one I don't really need to understand I'm just going with!!

Tiptoe's vid came at the right time because I'd already made the conscious decision and made some concerted effort to put these mental shifts into physical being and so now blogging about it puts my intention and determination even further out there into the world and I truly believe that this will help to manifest change.

I'm not going to self edit too much here because that takes time and energy away from just 'being' and allowing my inner voice and what it truly wants to say to flow free.

With honesty and dedication to our truth we can all do anything.  And I believe that at this time, with all the energy shifts around that we can harness, this statement is truer than it has ever been.

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