Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gained loads - except weight!!

Having had a poorly start to the week and probably under-eating on the fruits and veggies front that make up a considerable part of the Slimming World plan I was pleased to have maintained my weight this week and not to have gained anything.  Though we're now on for a loss I tell thee!!

Spirituality wise this past week has been immense!  The group I regularly attend where like minded folks congregate above a beautiful crystal shop on a Wednesday and/or Thursday evening to lead different discussions or share knowledge/healing/do shamanic journeying/do rituals together (I'm very lucky to have found this place on my doorstep, I know!!) has started back up again after the Christmas break and it's been going great.  In fact....  LAST NIGHT I LEAD MY FIRST SESSION. Eeeee!

I was kindly invited to a Druid Grove last year by some wonderful members of this group who I very highly respect and admire and from that intensely magickal experience the Druid bug just stirred my soul and I instantly knew that somehow I needed to incorporate Druidry to my Wicca/Shamanistic based path and began a Bardic course offered by one of the Druid organisations.

Fast forward a few months and others from my local group wanted to know how I'm getting along and what it's all about so I was prompted by one of these exceptional members who introduced me to Druidry to lead a Seed Group, sharing the Druid way with others who are also at a beginners level.  And you can't say no to doing something your practical-spiritual mentor advises, right?  So yesterday evening even though I was exceptionally wary and nervous I lead such a group and it was a wonderful experience!  The people who came along were just the kindest, most lovely, genuine hearts you could imagine and I've had nothing good feedback from the night.  One woman came back from the first meditation I've ever lead crying (and I thought oh dear goddess no what have I done!!?) but thankfully they were happy tears because she'd made a connection to something very meaningful and was overjoyed.  I feel very blessed that it went so well and I had an opportunity to share some of what I have gained from following the Druid path.

It's now looking like this will be a monthly group, with more now wanting to get involved.  I feel very humbled and pleased that the people who came got something out of it.  It's a good feeling.

So I've not lost weight this week but oh boy have I gained a lot in terms of spirit!! xx

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