Monday, 7 January 2013

Gut feeling (worry)

Why do we worry?  I have a real problem with this emotion - and yeah, ironically enough I worry about it...

I'm going through some stuff at the moment which is very stressful and incredibly unjust and naturally I'm worrying sick about it all but I don't get why our bodies do this to us for situations that are out of our control?!  Seems a bit mean, really.

You'd think through all the years of human evolution worry could be pacified with some hormone or other being released by the logical sense of doing everything we can about the situation and the rest being out of our hands.  I know worry is a self preservation emotion, to make us cautious and alert to dangers so we don't act recklessly but come on body, give me a break!  I just want to give that knot in my stomach, which is currently curled up like a frightened child, a hug and say to it soothingly; 'I hear you darling, but I promise somehow we'll be OK.  We've made it so far, try to have a little faith that the rest of me is doing all I can.'

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